Signed up to this doctors after being with Silverdale doctors who hasn't been great and came in to show ID and the Receptionist was sooo lovely and so friendly and it just made me feel like I did the right thing moving and hope the doctors are just as nice as that lovely lady.


RM    1.6.23


The Receptionist (Charlie) was so polite, listened, patient, asked the right questions and gave the relaxing answers.

My Appointment with the Doctor Lucy Bourne was Approx 3hrs later after a Phone call after lunch time .

She was so patient, precise and reassuring.

She was so nice .

I am not a regular at the Surgery (I’m pleased to say) - Not hopefully using NHS resources, but sincerely thank you all for your care and attention.

Brilliant 😊




Moved here about a year ago and had fabulous experience so far. I have asthma and we have both a young child and baby and between the three 3 of us, unfortunately, we've actually needed a few visits already during this time so had plenty of time to experience the centre across various doctors and nurses.

MG    14.2.23


Dear Practice Manager,

I am writing to say an enormous thank you to your staff. My mother (Mrs JN) has recently moved to Burgess Hill from Eastbourne to be nearer to my brother and I.  She was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's last summer and has other ongoing health issues.

We signed her up to The Brow and all her medical details were swiftly transferred to your practice. Unfortunately, the move had unsettled my Mum and on Tuesday she called me in tears as she felt very unwell. I went to be with her and then I called The Brow. From the very beginning, the lady I spoke to on reception was incredibly kind and patient with me as I was quite upset explaining things to her. She reassured me and promised that Dr Chan
would phone us later that day.

Dr Chan called us and was also incredibly kind, patient and understanding. I offloaded an awful lot of information on to her and she managed to follow everything I said and then offered us a face to face appointment later that evening.  When we arrived for that appointment, the ladies on reception were kind, professional and so helpful. It put both my Mother and I at ease. Dr Chan then called us in to her office for the appointment. Dr Chan was incredibly thorough, kind, patient and helpful. She was so reassuring to us and explained clearly her thought process as to how to proceed with my
Mum. She had also read through my Mum's medical notes (which are extensive!) and so she was fully informed before meeting us.

Dr Chan has gone on to arrange various tests and scans etc for my Mum which I am so grateful for. Yesterday, she called my Mum and me to explain the blood test results and give us further information of her plan going forward for my Mum. Dr Chan has been so wonderful and we appreciate her so much.

I honestly have never experienced a GP practice like this before and I feel so lucky that my Mum is now one of your patients.  Please could you pass on my sincerest thanks and gratitude to Dr Chan and to your receptionists for all their help, support and professionalism.

For very personal reasons, I am moved to email you with the above as I feel now more than ever all NHS staff need to be applauded. You work so hard and under incredibly stressful situations and financial restraints. Very sadly my cousin Dr Gail Milligan ended her life. She had been a GP in Camberley for 20 plus years. She gave everything to her job and to her patients and sadly she wasn't able to give herself what she needed. She never rested, she
worked all hours and all weekends and it ended so devastatingly sadly. Our family is still in shock that this has happened and so what I want to say to you all (to all your wonderful staff) is please, please look after yourselves. You are just human and you all deserve time to rest and time to be with your families.

From my family to you all - thank you.
Kindest regards



Had a phone call appointment arranged for me between 14:00-18:30. By 14:15. I got a call from Doctor Wood who asked lots of questions to diagnose me and has prescribed me with antibiotics. All within the space of a few hours.

Big thank you from me.

Hoping I feel better pronto!

MB 23.01.23





In these challenging times for all part of the health service I just want to thanks to the team at the Brow. I had an issue that was worrying me after lunch on a Friday, I called the practice who took time to understand my concerns, the Dr called me back only a few hours later, I was given an appointment for later that day. I left feeling reassured with a course of action. It was faster to get a blood test done at the Hospital and I am booked in for after Lunch on Monday. I feel very privileged to have received such prompt service, especially at this time of year. Thank you to all at the Brow and the NHS for what you do.




My son, like everyone else, has had this cold that’s going around. He started feeling better, then an hour later was screaming with a pain in his ear.

I went online on NHS 111 and checked the symptoms, whereby it said to contact his GP.

I phoned up and got straight through to a really helpful receptionist who had a Dr call me back in an hour who told us to come down to be seen. Can I just say how amazing Dr Jessie at the Brow is, she was kind, caring and very helpful. So from phoning up to picking up a prescription, we were all done in 1.5 hours… what a great service!!!

SF     12.1.22



I would just like to pass on my thanks to your reception team.

Over the past two days I have had to phone twice speaking to two different ladies, both of whom were so helpful and friendly, in probably the most stressful time of the year.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to your team!

Kindest regards



I have just moved to Burgess Hill and registered with this practice. From the time the Reception team have answered my first phone call, to the time I spoke with my newly assigned Doctor, I have been nothing short of totally impressed. Wait time was minimal, courtesy was top notch and the Doctor I dealt with was thorough, kind and full of compassion. Her knowledge of my unusual condition was astounding and the insight she had to my pain management was incredible. This is the first GP Practice I have been more than impressed with from the moment I walked in the door! I shan't be going anywhere else for as long as I can help it.





I am extremely impressed and thankful to the awesome service provided by the entire team at the Surgery. The care and support when I had COVID was amazing. My wife who was registered with another practice struggled to get through the surgery. Whereas, I was provided with pulse oximeter without a request and monitored three times daily thorough out the period. I was also impressed with the proactiveness and great knowledge of each members of the team that they readily respond to any health concerns. I am very much thankful for dealing with my severe muscle sprain I am suffering with at the moment. It is not a pleasant experience for anyone to suffer with any health issues. However, having a trusted GP service ensures great comfort.



I’m a new patient to Burgess Hill coming from Littlehampton. 

I was extremely ill with encephalitis for 1 year in 2019 and unconscious for a good part of that time. 

My previous GP didn’t perform as well as they should of resulting in hospitalisation. In Eastbourne hospital (as I was a practitioner of West Sussex) my treatment was far from even good. Not diagnosing me, mis-diagnosing me followed by wrong treatment which they admitted to. 

However I came off the DNA list and went on to walk again once I got home. 

I obviously had to find a new GP and The Brow seemed to be the closest to me. 

I historically didn’t see my GP until I got discharged from hospital and now because of my issues I call you quite often ( not too often I hope). I want to express my gratitude to you all for the care and attention you have given me and reassuring me that I am not wasting your time. 

Thank you for your attention and professionalism shown at all times. You are a credit to the NHS, a place I worked for 44 years. I lost hope in hospital but the staff at The Brow has restored that for me. 

I know things have been difficult throughout covid especially but you have worked incredibly hard throughout. 

I spoke to Dr Rubenstein today and he was marvellous 

Best wishes to you all. 

SF (Grateful patient)


Caring and forward thinking practice with excellent staff and service.